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40 Facts I learned about the Greeks : Celebrating 40 Years of Living in Greece

Forty years ago today, on Saturday the fifth of February 1977, I left England for a new life in Greece.
Passion made me do it, I had met my Greek God, (Yes, England had Greek Gods!) and I would have followed him to the ends of the Earth.
Sunday, the sixth of February dawned, and so began my initiation into the crazy, yet wonderful ways of the Greeks.
Forty phenomena I have grasped throughout my forty years in Greece.
1. It's All Greek to Me

Literally, I understood nothing; my question of the day was “What did he say?” But, within a year, I was speaking fluent Greek!

2. Punctuality is a dirty word

Time has no meaning, Greeks live for the moment!

3. Ouzo, don’t go there

Lethal stuff, especially when your first encounter with it was “straight up”, no added water!

4. Men wear skirts

They wear their skirts  with great panache, a proud “Evzone”, the presidential Guard, in his “fustanella” (Pleated white skirt), is a sight for sore eyes.

5. Everything is better with feta

Feta cheese, served with absol…

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